Mrs. Rhodes' Speech

  • An excerpt from Mrs. Diana Rhodes’ Dedication Speech regarding the history of our District and School:

    “…...Now for a little history of our district and school:

    Like all rural children, in the early children, in the early days of the community, the children were educated at home.  If the parents were wealthy, they hired a teacher, who lived with the family.

          In the mid-1950’s, two huge picnic tables were built in one of the classrooms and that became our lunch room.

          In 1992, the District purchased just over 10 acres of land from the Carroll Henry heirs, with the hopes of future development.  The idea of building a new facility was kicked for a number of years, before we finally decided to seek the approval of the residents of the community.  And the rest is history, because here we are.

          When I first ran for School Board I did so with one major concern – keeping our little school open so that our little kids didn’t have to get on a school bus to go to either Victoria or Cuero.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this school district would ever accomplish a project of this magnitude.  At first I was overwhelmed by the amount of money it was going to take, and then I worried if our community would support such a project.  Over a year and a half ago, we broke ground and slowly, it seemed, things started moving.  I sat back and watched in awe and really didn’t start getting anxiety attacks until it dawned on me we were not going to meet that first projected deadline. 

    And we certainly did not have a single rain delay.  My next major concern was vacating the old buildings and getting all the portable buildings moved out on time.  This summer Mrs. Bell and I have spent more time than either of us wants to admit to, down here for one reason or ten others, plus our weekly walk-through to view progress.

                I have been afraid that the staff who would be working in Old Main would be disappointed that they are “stuck in the old building.”  But, everyone will be surprised a the new interior, it’s simply beautiful.  There area a number of community members who have told me that had the plans called for demolition of Old Main, they would not have voted for the bond issue.

                I am so proud of what has been accomplished and we have a beautiful facility to continue educating the children of our District in.  This school year we have 116 students enrolled.  This past month we were notified by the Texas Education Agency that our school received a Recognized Rating from the results of this Spring’s TAKS tests that our students took.  A huge round of applause for our students who did so well and to the teachers who helped them reach this status………”