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  • You can reach any of our staff during regular school hours by leaving a message at 361-575-6882 or to email please click on their name.

Our Staff

D'Laci Albrecht - Kindergarten ELAR and Social Studies
Pamela Anderson - PreK 3 & 4
Addie Bell - 3rd & 4th Math and Science
Larry Gajewskey - Superintendent/Principal
Lily Hopper - Superintendent's Secretary
CJ Hull - Kindergarten Math and Science
Melissa Karnei - Special Programs
Eron Lantz - 1st ELAR and Social Studies
Megan Lee - 3rd and 4th ELAR and Social Studies
Jennifer Matus - Librarian
Lucy Ortega - Attendance Clerk
Jennifer Pinson - PE
Helen Resendez - Art and Music
Becky Roberts - Reading Specialist
Jennifer Southern - AP
Herb Spencer - Maintenance
Amanda Spencer - Nurse
Rhonda Talkington - Cafeteria Manager
Suzan Talley - PreK 3 & 4 Aide
Jennifer Thibodeaux - Math Interventionist
Vickie Toth - 5th Math and Science
Sheena Vahalik - Counselor, 504 and GT Coordinator
Alyssa Villarreal - 1st Math and Science
Nikki Weber - 5th ELAR and Social Studies
Leanne Whitaker - Second Grade