Dress and Grooming 2021-2022

  • The district’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards. Students and parents may determine a student’s personal dress and grooming standards, provided that they comply with these standards.

    The following apparel WILL be permitted:

    • Any skort, skirt, or shorts will be at least fingertip length.
    • Shorts/bloomers/leggings must be worn under any dress or skirt.
    • Bicycle shorts may be worn under skirts, but they must be fingertip length.
    • Wind shorts must be fingertip length, with no slits on the sides of the shorts.
    • Leggings may be worn with shirts/tops that cover the bottom portion of the rear pelvic area when students’ hands are raised above their heads.
    • Shirts/tops must cover student’s midsections when their hands are raised above their heads.
    • Age or developmentally appropriate undergarments must be worn.

    The following apparel WILL NOT be permitted:

    • Shirts with midriff, see-through shirts, or sleeveless tank tops/muscle shirts that do not meet the three-finger rule and/or expose an excessive amount of skin under the arms.
    • Shirts advertising alcoholic beverages, illicit drugs, or tobacco products.
    • Clothing with suggestive writing, pictures, emblems, or symbols.
    • Clothing with tied string straps or spaghetti straps over the shoulder.
    • Dark glasses.
    • Tight fitting clothes.
    • Caps or hats.
    • Oversized trousers/shirts, low rising/hip hugging pants and torn clothing, clothing with holes above the knee.
    • Tattoos of any type
    • Hair must be groomed and not cover the student’s eyes
    • Hair for all students will not be distracting. Natural hair colors only. 

    If the principal determines that a student’s grooming or clothing violates the school’s dress code, the student will be sent to the office to call their parent/guardian.  If the parent/guardian cannot be reached, the student will be given the opportunity to correct the problem by finding appropriate apparel in the extra clothing available at the school. If not corrected, the student may be assigned to in-school suspension for the remainder of the day, until the problem is corrected, or until a parent or designee brings an acceptable change of clothing to the school.  Repeated offenses may result in more serious disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. The Principal’s discretion is final.